• How to Keep Bugs Away from Your Patio

    Chances are, you’ve waited months for the day you can sit comfortably on your patio and enjoy outdoor living. Yet as people start spending more time outdoors, bugs start to appear. Mosquitoes, flies, and other nuisance insects can be relentless. However, you are not destined to be assaulted by these pests all season long. Here […]

  • Picking the Right Pet Door for Your Home

    As a pet owner, you know just how great being outdoors can be. Outside is the perfect place to let your dog or cat roam, explore, and burn off some of that extra energy. However, let’s face it: If you have a pet that just loves going in and out, you know how annoying it […]

  • Which Screen Door Is Right for You?

    A screen door is a functional addition to the home. It can keep bugs out while allowing a fresh breeze in. Security screen doors add safety for kids and pets. Nowadays, there are many options and you’ll find various screen door alternatives that weren’t around just a few years ago. Screen doors are also generally […]

  • Upgrade Function and Style with These Inspiring Closet Door Ideas

    Closet doors can be so much more than a means to conceal your belongings. The right closet doors for your space not only add style but improve function. Whether you’re redecorating or renovating, here are some closet door ideas that can quickly transform a room. Sliding Closet Doors Sliding doors save space. They also create […]

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