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Roy’s Screen Service has been installing, repairing, and replacing screens and sliding doors for patio enclosures in Los Angeles since 1982. Our professional technicians can install a high-quality patio screen door or custom-design a patio screen for your existing patio enclosure to make your home more comfortable and functional. After all, any Los Angeles County resident desires a fresh breeze from the mild air experienced here year-round.

Warm summers and temperate winters define the climate, while weather conditions are generally sunny and rain-free most of the time, especially in the city and along the coast. With the area’s desirable Mediterranean climate, it’s no wonder residents seek to bring fresh air into their homes.

We can help make your home energy-efficient, as well, since letting in the fresh air can reduce the demand on your cooling or heating system. A high-quality screen can update your patio room or sunroom. Sliding screen doors are functional and stylish as well as convenient. With each installation, we provide an accurate free estimate and personalized assistance whether installing or fixing your:

Patio Screen Enclosure

Patio screen enclosures provide comfort and an open view to improve your home’s value. Lightweight aluminum screens are strong, while our weather-resistant frames are highly durable. Frames are available in adobe, bronze, silver gray anodized, black, tan, and white finishes. Fiberglass mesh screens in gray and charcoal colors and Suntex screens—blocking up to 90% of solar rays—in gray, black, brown, beige, and stucco are also available.

Patio screen installation allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Extend your living space while also enjoying the outdoors.
  • A mesh screen provides shelter from rain, wind, and insects.
  • Screens also offer some protection from the sun.
  • Branches, leaves, and debris are kept out.
  • Increase visual charm and curb appeal.
  • Increase square footage and property value.

Patio Sliding Doors

Sliding patio screen doors are available in different styles and can be custom sized. We offer heavy-duty sliding screen doors with fiberglass or aluminum screens and adjustable steel bearing wheels. Each door is strong yet easy to operate. When you need sliding patio screen door replacement, you can depend on Roy’s Screen Service to complete the job quickly and professionally, improving your comfort, peace-of-mind, and security.

With a sliding patio screen door, there are many perks that extend the convenience and function of your home, such as:

  • Ease of access to your outdoor space
  • Improved ventilation throughout your home
  • Increased security with a protective barrier and durable locking mechanism
  • Colors and designs match your home’s style
  • Durable, long-lasting aluminum frames
  • Dust and pollen kept out
  • Minimal space needed for installation and use

Patio enclosures and screen doors are available in six different colors: Silver, Gray, Anodized, Adobe, Bronze, Black, Tan, and White

Silver Gray Anodized - Frames in Security Screen Doors Los Angeles, CA
Silver Gray
Adobe - Frames in Security Screen Doors Los Angeles, CA
Bronze - Frames in Security Screen Doors Los Angeles, CA
Black - Frames in Security Screen Doors Los Angeles, CA
Tan - Frames in security Security Screen Doors Los Angeles, CA
White - Frames in Security Screen Doors Los Angeles, CA


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