Professional Window Screen Services in Santa Monica

Homeowners in Santa Monica are accustomed to fresh ocean breezes year-round. A window screen is a perfect solution to enjoying the fresh air indoors and avoiding having bugs, dust, and rain in your house. Window screens from Roy’s Screen Service protect against sunlight and also ensure your privacy and safety.

We offer the highest quality window screens and window screen installation and repair services in the area. Whether you need window screen repair or window replacement in Santa Monica, CA, contact us for prompt and thorough service

What We Do

Our technicians are experienced at providing a superior level of service for:

Window Screen Installation – Fast and efficient, our installation team ensures that the process is convenient for you, while our designers can craft custom window screens that match the design and decor of your home.
Window Screen Repair – Holes, tears, and other damage can leave your screen vulnerable to more damage and your home at a greater risk of a break-in. We can repair all types of screens and mechanisms to restore the look, charm, and safety of your window screens.
Security Window Screens – Our security screens look just like any other. The difference is they have fine wires threaded through the material, so, if someone tries to force the screen open or break through it, an alarm will go off.

  • Custom Design Options

    At Roy’s Screen Service, we are devoted to refining our products to meet customers’ needs. Depending on what suits your home best, we can provide one of a number of screen fabrics, including colors such as black, gray, brown, stucco, or beige. Screens are available designed to protect against the sun or insects or to resist wear and damage from pets. Stronger, weatherized screens are available as well.

    Aluminum, wood, and vinyl frames can be installed. We offer frames in several colors, including white, tan, silver-gray anodized, bronze, black, and adobe. In addition, we have different types of mesh and can install double window frames or frames in any shape or size.

    Regardless of the type of screen and the options you select, we will provide a free estimate based on the specific details of your project. Our business and installers are committed to your complete satisfaction.

    Why Santa Monica Chooses Roy’s Screen Service

    We care about your home as much as you do. The beauty and security of your house are our top priorities, so we treat every home with respect and are always honest, reliable, and on time. Our technicians are knowledgeable about our many screen options and what best suits different types of homes. We’ll work with your creative vision, as well, while guaranteeing the best prices for window screen services.

    When you’re looking for a Santa Monica, CA, window replacement company for the best screens and options, look no further than Roy’s Screen Service. Call (310) 276-7360 for a quote today.

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