Do Window Screens Keep Pollen Out?

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Customers rely on Roy’s Screen Service for a range of different screens. Window screens have many benefits, but did you know they can keep pollen out of your home?

When the spring season rolls around, most of us desire fresh air. Opening the windows is the easiest way to get a comforting breeze in your home, but for allergy sufferers, it’s a different story. A window screen can help and, in fact, block floating pollen grains from entering. This can allow you to enjoy the benefits of fresh air flow and avoid the symptoms of hay fever, without being forced to keep your windows closed every day.

Cleaning and maintenance are important as well. You can improve visibility, indoor air quality, and ease of maintenance by having a screen to clean. Otherwise, pollen can build up, causing your window to get stuck. Window screens do keep the pollen out if you:

● Remove the screen before cleaning a detachable window, so all edges are reached.
● Use the proper cleaning mixture; detergent and water are just fine.
● Wipe off any pollen, dirt, or debris before using a cleaning mixture.
● Dry the window screen with a dry microfiber cloth, which is highly absorbent.
● Save your cleaning for a cloud day, as the drying action of the sun can smear glass

Allergy Season

High pollen counts from weeds, trees, and grasses is a seasonal occurrence. While many people avoid the outdoors or take medication to combat allergy symptoms, there are some basic steps that can be helpful. These include:

Window Screen Filters: If you don’t want to keep the window shut, you can install a filter for your window screen or window air conditioner that will keep the pollen out of your home.
Disposable Central Air Filters: Installing a disposable filter in your central air conditioning system prevents airborne pollen from circulating throughout your home.
HEPA Air Filters: A HEPA air purifier captures 99.9% of particles, including pollen. One HEPA filter will usually clean your entire home, and it can clean a roomful of air several times an hour.
Use a Face Mask Outside: Face masks aren’t only for avoiding viruses; they can prevent you from breathing in pollen. There are simple and high-grade ones with HEPA filtration.

Window Screen Solutions

Window screens are not a new idea. In 1839, wire screens for windows were showcased in Boston. Gilbert, Bennett and Company, a manufacturer of wire mesh sieves for food processors, began painting wire cloths gray and selling them as window screens in 1861. The idea was instantly successful.

Various solutions are available that can help alleviate the sneezing, watery eyes, and congestion associated with pollen allergies. The mesh can act as a filter while remaining transparent, allowing light and fresh air through. Window screens don’t require batteries or any special equipment to function. They consume no energy, meaning using them won’t raise your utility bills.

Some models are made of nylon or fiberglass. These are rather durable and can last if taken care of. Such materials are also UV-resistant, meaning they’ll protect you against sunlight and protect furniture and carpeting from fading.

Anti-Pollen Window Screens

If you’re willing to invest a little more, anti-pollen window screens can even more effectively keep pollen out. However, pollen grains can still build up. Those trapped in the screen can come loose if you open or move the screen. That can mean a nasty faceful of pollen dust! Ah-choo!!

To avoid this, clean the screen regularly. Dust and pollen can be removed easily. Plus, you can avoid allergens getting trapped in the screen and building up to a point they block the fresh air. It’s best to have a regular cleaning schedule as your home must be cleaned consistently to get rid of allergens. During peak allergy season, you may want to clean around your windows and doors a couple of times a week.

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Other Ways to Control Allergies

While window screens and other measures reduce the chances of pollen getting into your home, some of it inevitably will. Try these strategies if your spring allergies are acting up:

● Replace curtains with lightweight, foldless materials or blinds.
● Remove carpets and rugs, which attract dirt and pollen.
● Use pillow/mattress covers to prevent pollen from reaching below.
● Take off shoes/change clothes when you get home.
● Wash your hair as soon as you get home.
● Thoroughly groom your pets often.
● Get a dehumidifier or air purification system.
● Replace the clothes line with a tumble dryer/clothes horse.

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