How to Keep Bugs Away from Your Patio

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Chances are, you’ve waited months for the day you can sit comfortably on your patio and enjoy outdoor living. Yet as people start spending more time outdoors, bugs start to appear. Mosquitoes, flies, and other nuisance insects can be relentless. However, you are not destined to be assaulted by these pests all season long. Here is how to keep bugs away from your patio so you can spend quality time outdoors at home.

Clean Your Patio and Backyard

Make a habit of cleaning, especially when you drop crumbs or spill liquids, as a form of pest control. Insects are attracted to the smallest pieces of food. What is barely noticeable to you is a delicacy for an ant or a fly. Also clean your gutters. Not only does this maintain drainage, but it also removes food and water sources that can attract various pests.


Insects tend to be more attracted to white lights as there’s ample blue light in them. Replace these with bulbs that emit a yellowish or orange glow. Sodium vapor lights can do the job. Bugs more easily see colors with shorter wavelengths, such as blue, like the color of bug zappers, so anything that’s around the yellow or red part of the light spectrum may keep them away.


If you thought plants would attract bugs, think again. Many plants naturally repel insects. That’s why rosemary, marigold, lavender, basil, and citronella are common patio plants. Chrysanthemums are effective at repelling ants, and basil helps keep flies away. Lavender is an effective repellent for moths while catnip repels mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and cockroaches.

Likewise, essential oils such as lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, cinnamon, and peppermint repel many of the bugs that appear in summer. You can buy some of them as candles and bug repellents, but plants can really liven up your patio space.


Spray repellents can do the job well but can be stinky too. Most people prefer not to put those chemicals on their skin. Instead, if you have lemon balm plants nearby, rub them over your skin to repel mosquitoes. DIY repellents can be used as well. You can combine some of the plants/essential oils mentioned above with witch hazel and jojoba oil in a spray bottle. Or, you can mix hydrogen peroxide and water and spray the mixture around your patio.

Drain Standing Water

Standing water, no matter where it is, is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Change bird baths often, make sure your gutters and downspouts are in working condition, and cover up swimming pools when not in use. If you have buckets or watering cans sitting around, make sure to empty them, and correct any drainage issues on your property.

Patio Enclosure

Nothing works better at keeping bugs away than a physical barrier. A screened patio enclosure has fine mesh to allow air in and provide a view beyond your home. It keeps the bugs out at the same time, so you’re not busy swatting and clapping your hands at them all day. Imagine a fresh breeze with no insects flying around.

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At Roy’s Screen Service, we can afford you that luxury. We provide customized patio screens with lightweight, durable aluminum frames available in a choice of colors. We offer fiberglass mesh screens in gray and charcoal, as well as specialized Suntex screens that block 90% of sunlight, also in a range of colors.

In addition to insects, our screens protect you from the rain and wind. Your outdoor space will be free of leaves, branches, and tree and other plant-based debris as well.

Contact Roy’s Screen Service

If you’re wondering how to keep bugs away from your patio, look no further than Roy’s Screen Service. We install, replace, and repair patio screen enclosures. Our technicians are professionally trained, and our products are of the highest quality. For a free estimate on a screen for your existing patio enclosure, contact us today.