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Are your window screens ripped or falling apart? Looking for a quick and convenient solution to have your screens repaired or new ones installed? If so, choose Roy’s Screen Service. We’re a one-stop mobile window screen installation and repair service for residential and commercial customers throughout Beverly Hills, CA.

At Roy’s Screen Service, we offer free estimates along with custom-made products. Our screens are made specifically for your window size to ensure a perfect fit. So, whether you need window screens repaired or new ones installed, you can count on us.


Window Screen Services

Unlike other companies that have to measure and send off the numbers for your screens to be made and then shipped, we offer on-site, same-day service. Our team is equipped with the latest tools that are needed to service your screens quickly and efficiently.


You can depend on Roy’s Screen Service for all sorts of services, including:

  • Window Screen Repair: Are your existing window screens torn or fraying? If so, we can patch them in just a few hours. If the screen wheel or handle is broken, we can replace it. 
  • Window Screen Installation: Not all windows come with screens. If you recently had new windows installed and want screens so that you can open them without worry, we can help. Our crew is trained and experienced in installing custom-designed screens for windows of all shapes and sizes.
  • Security Window Screen Installation: Window screens are multi-functional. For something a little more secure and durable than the standard, check out our steel mesh screens. These screens protect you and your family from falls and break-ins, as well as debris and pesky summer insects. 
  • Alarm Window Screens: For the ultimate protection and security, we recommend our alarm window screens. These high-tech screens are designed to protect your home against break-ins. The screens are made with interwoven trip wires. If the screen is broken, opened, or removed, the alarm will sound.


Fabric & Frame Options

Everyone’s home and style is different. This is why we offer a wide variety of screen fabric and window frame options. Screen frames are available in all sorts of colors, including silver-gray anodized, black, bronze, tan, white, and adobe.


We also offer an assortment of screen colors, including:


  • Black
  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Stucco


Whether you have a modern or a historic home, you can count on Roy’s Screen Service to have the right material and color. We offer custom wood screen frames for older homes, or we can create a replica of an original screen.

For newer homes, our vinyl frames are the perfect choice. Whether you have double-hung, arch-top, or sliding screen doors, you can count on us to have the frame and screen that best suits your home.


Why Roy’s Screen Service Is the Best Option

There are several companies that offer screen repair and installation services, so why should you choose Roy’s? Since 1982, Los Angeles residents have trusted our mobile screen services to add beauty, comfort, and security to their homes.

We not only specialize in window screen repair and installation. Roy’s Screen Service also provides screens for sliding doors and even pet doors.

Unlike our competitors, all of our products are custom-made. We offer free estimates so that customers know exactly what our services will cost. Our goal is not only to provide high-quality screens but service that you can trust for years to come.


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Stop living with torn window screens or no screens at all. Instead, contact Roy’s Screen Service to bring new life to your windows. We offer window and door screen repair installation throughout Beverly Hills.


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